UN: World Negotiation Day

The 25th of September 2019 in Geneva, the United Nations and the Negotiator’s Agency came together to organise the first World Negotiation Day.  

The first edition of the World Negotiation Day is an event of our times, current and unprecedented which brings human skill to the foreground as the necessary strength needed to face changes in our world.  

For this occasion, the greatest negotiators and experts in negotiation came together to exchange on the place negotiation occupies in world relations, the new stakes surrounding negotiation – diplomatic, economic, political, climate related – and the challenges of the 21st Century. 

The opening ceremony took place around a conference on crisis negotiation and the means and the methods of diffusing, intitled “Negotiation as a tool for crisis management”. Followed by a conference on negotiations for Human Rights, “United Nation’s negotiations and their impact on an unstable environment.”  

The subjects of climate and peace in the world were also discussed in prism of negotiation. 

The end of the event took place at the ceremony for the prize for the Best Negotiator of the Year. The prize for the Best Negotiator of the Year 2019 was given to Salim Baddoura, the ambassador for the Lebanese diplomatic mission in Geneva. 

An unmissable event that brings negotiation to the spotlight as a tool for crisis management.