ADN Group develops innovative tools every year to enable everyone to train remotely and grow on a daily basis. These digital, world unique and high performance tools are dedicated to complex negotiation and behavioural reading.


The NSTAA©, Negotiation Skills Test And Assessment, is the first and unique on-line negotiation test in the world. This timed test with 200 questions is used to evaluate your negotiation. At the end of the test your performance is evaluated out of 999 points.

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Developed by ADN Research, the scientific branch of the ADN Group, FACE ME!© is a serious game used for training on micro-expressions and lie detection. A small island in the Pacific, a society evening in a manor house, a murder, twenty two suspects…

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The TOTAC©, Test Of Truth And Credibility, is the first and unique on-line lie detection test in the world based on scientific and operational criteria. Developed by ADN Research, TOTAC© evaluates your performance and your skills in the field of lie detection based on 55 questions structured around texts, videos and photos.

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The CPN©, Certified Professional Negotiator, is a professional certification issued by an international committee made up of professional negotiators recognising both your skills as a negotiator while highlighting these skills. This qualification is given based on several criteria.

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