The Negotiation Arena

For the very first Negotiation Arena event, organized by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), Marwan Mery will have the great honour of exchanging with Rabih El Haddad.

During this discussion dedicated to negotiation, the professional negotiator will revisit the deep psychological mechanisms that preside over critical negotiations, tell us what useful skills can be used to manage stress and explain the important role emotions play during high-stake negotiations. During this exchange with the United Nation’s Director of Bilateral Diplomacy he will also mention the importance of ethics and the impact integrity can make in such critical situations.

Based on his experience as a negotiator he will highlight the idea of remaining humble, which is a key factor to continue to grow and learn, to acquire self-control and reach higher levels of resiliency. He includes solid notions of psychology in his approach and demonstrates to what point negotiation is a demanding, versatile, unpredictable and human practice.