Helping the children of our Medical professionals

Apr. 2020

Because our medical professionals are mobilised in the Covid-19 pandemic, 70 schools from the Ville de Paris have taken in the medical professionals’ children and are giving them workshops from ADN Kids. 

To help get through this period, that can be a source of stress, anxiety and create an inability to understand, the activity leaders in schools are being accompanied by ADN Kids. 🦁Thanks to the pedagogical context, they will carry out workshops and exchanges with the children to help them cope with the events as best as possible. They remind the children, daily, of the role emotions can play, the importance of making rules, the non-negotiable, but also the importance of self-esteem, the power of the collective and the capacity to act together.  🎈🐾🦁A partnership in confidence for the well-being of our little ones.