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Behind the famous negotiations, there are men, there are stories, paths, failures and hope. Each episode hands the microphone to Laurent Combalbert and Marwan Mery who will tell their stories, as professional negotiators, without holding back. Their emotions, their fears, their hopes and what drives them to always go back and negotiate.

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Episode #01 - When reality surpasses fiction

When one negotiation comes after the next and they are spread out all around the world, with different stakes and complex environments, often reality goes far beyond what we expected. Unforeseen developments, opportunities, bad luck… Laurent Combalbert will tell us about a negotiation where everything got out of control, where the strategy we prepared didn’t work and where reality went beyond fiction.

Episode #02 - When reality surpasses fiction

We often say that improvisation needs to be prepared and no professional negotiator would every say otherwise. He manages dozens of high-stake negotiations every year – kidnapping, ransomware, social conflict, diplomacy- all around the world. Marwan Mery will tell us today about some of his daily experience as a negotiator and take us into the heart of a deal where nothing went according to plan.

# Episode 03 - When fear is part of the negotiation

The negotiations carried out by professionals are concentrated moments of life, where the rhythm, intensity and stakes exacerbate the experience, feelings are amplified and sometimes everything hangs by a single thread. Laurent Combalbert will talk, today, about a mission where fear pushed him into a corner, and where he was almost out of his depth. In this story he will explain to us how he managed to go beyond this.

# Episode 04 - When fear is part of the negotiation

A negotiator’s profession sometimes takes him down an unusual path; encounters, unpredictable events where things sometimes get close to being beyond repair. Marwan Mery will share his secrets with us about what happens behind a negotiation, where the power of words and the negotiation’s power allowed life to continue its normal course.

# Episode 05 - A negotiation we are proud of

When you are a professional negotiator there is always the “negotiation” you dream of carrying out, the one you have been waiting for your whole career and you hope will come your way. Then there is the daily reality, which is often far from what you dreamed, but also sometimes surprising and capable of bringing you much more than you expected. When Laurent Combalbert committed to this mission he had no idea it would end up meaning so much to him.

# Episode 06 - A negotiation we are proud of

In a negotiator’s career, we live through high pressured moments, that are unforgettable in their intensity and the stakes that leave a mark on each negotiation. Then there is the negotiation where everything changes. Marwan Mery will tell us about this very unusual negotiation.