A unique global reference in negotiation

The PACIFICAT© reference allows you to prepare for, conduct, close and debrief any kind of negotiation. Developed by Marwan Mery and Laurent Combalbert, the reference is used in over forty countries, around the world, and has been translated into several languages. This negotiation method has saved hundreds of lives and helped thousands of conflicts to be resolved, peacefully, since its creation.

Devised from the professional negotiator’s direct experience, the PACIFICAT© reference is pragmatic and is intended for anyone who has to negotiate in their profession or specialty, regardless of their level.

Livre Negotiator

The negotiation bible

NEGOCIATOR - L.Combalbert & M.Mery – Dunod

Considered as the bible of negotiation, NEGOTIATOR reveals even the most minute details of the PACIFICAT© reference (theoretical approach, examples, practical cases, exercises and client reviews) in 660 pages.

NEGOTIATOR is the best-selling publication on negotiation in France.


A universal tool

The PACIFICAT© reference has been used by hundreds of firms all over the world for several years: adaptable and non-invasive, it allows you to prepare for, conduct, close and debrief any kind of negotiation.

ts universal aspect gives it a highly operational approach to negotiation, regardless of the field (luxury goods, manufacturing, customer service, communication…) or profession (trade, marketing, legal, procurement, logistics, general management…).

The Pacificat© reference has been used since 2018 to train negotiators working at the United Nations and to assist humanitarian teams.

It is the backbone of the entire ADN Kids teaching approach, an association that helps children fight against bullying and violence in schools.

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