Our commitments

Explore ADN’s culture

ADN Group strives to put their operational skill and the talent and expertise of their members at the service of a greater aim that can be useful for everyone, beyond their daily commitments to their clients and missions.

We are committed, not only to our youths, women and NGO’s, but to those who want to grow, who need to develop their ambitions, or to those who give everything on a daily basis to take up unprecedented challenges.

A strategic approach

ADN Group’s model is consolidated which gives it great agility: short decision-making circuits, great reactivity and a strong capacity to get involved in a concrete and operational manner. ADN Group’s strategic approach involves commitment to our children, women and humanitarian organizations and can be seen on different levels:

United Nations Institute For Training and Research

ADN Group has been involved with the United Nations for several years and they have now become a solid partner in daily training courses for diplomates in several countries.

ADN Group offers services of a flawless quality regardless of the mission we call them for. These negotiation virtuosos use an ingenious an innovating approach that makes them unique.


ADN Kids

Each year ADN Group reasserts their ambition of being involved in the education and assistance of youths in France and around the world. They continue developing this by working, on one hand, with partners such as the Institut de l’Engagement, Deloitte Foundation, the French Red Cross, or Enfance Majuscule and on the other by supporting ADN Kids.

ADN kids is more than an extension of ADN, it is the essence of ADN, according to Julie Crouzillac, the president of ADN KIDS. This initiative is the face of ADN Group as it turns to face the future. By sharing the most important elements to know yourself better, assert yourself, be open to the world and others we allow our youths to be prepared in the best possible conditions to have a balanced life. We teach them things that usually are not taught.

On top of a committed director and an RSE policy which encourages involvement, three foundations have been put in place:

  • Participation in public speaking events by all the experts from the Agency
  • Financing educational acts
  • Promoting acts

ADN Women

Guided by their will to move forward and to be as useful as possible to as many people as possible, ADN Group has assisted ADN Women for several years by programing unique female mentoring in negotiation.

With their network of expertise, ADN Women assists, supports and adds value to women’s success in organizations today to build the foundations of success for tomorrow.


A strategic collaboration where ADN Group gives their support and assistance in training courses for frontline negotiators on the subjects of kidnapping and ransom, extortion and stress management in difficult situations.

Marwan is considered a reference in the development of negotiation practices according to Claude Bruderlein, the director of CCHN.