Training course

Patient-physician relations

The patient-physician training course joins the fight against the problem of therapeutic non-compliance. By transposing negotiation techniques used by professional negotiators into the medical world, patient compliance to medical prescription significantly increases. The ADN experts tackle the issues of creating confidence with a resistant profile, the shared common objective, understanding the patient’s motivations, strategic questioning and subtly inducing change.


  • Creating a favorable context with the patient
  • Nurture a relation of confidence with the patient
  • Create patient compliance
  • Develop true listening skills and targeted questioning
  • Improve long term therapeutic compliance

ADN Group is a certified training organization registered under the number 11755092475. The masterclasses and training courses can be the object of fund providers.

Certification DataDock

All the training courses from the Negotiator’s Agency meet the requirements of the Quality decree of June 30th, 2015 and are referenced by all the fund providers for professional training.