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Live Masterclass in Complex Negotiation – Essentials

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The live Masterclass in complex negotiation is based on an operational and pragmatic approach developed through the negotiators of ADN Group’s unique experience. We use the PACIFICAT reference as the foundation of our masterclasses and they can be used by anyone who needs to negotiate in their profession or speciality, regardless of their level.

4 2-hour live sessions spread out over 2 days. Each session is interspersed with individual, practical exercises.


  • Supplies you with tools that are easily assimilated and can be used immediately by participants in their daily negotiations
  • Provides a unique reference to prepare for, conduct, conclude and debrief any kind of negotiation
  • Allows you to understand and incorporate the human factor and the psychological mechanisms of human relations
  • Teaches you how to manage the uncertainty of a negotiation without being subjected to it
  • Discover how to use the most appropriate strategies, tactics and techniques according to the situation


After an impressive career in finance (Citigroup, Commerzbank and the New-York Stock Exchange) in strategic positions related to negotiation, Lousin changed profession to assist businesses. She holds four nationalities, speaks five languages fluently and currently works at ADN Group in complex negotiation.

Marwan Mery is a professional negotiator. Founder and director of ADN Group, he intervenes around the world for government organisations, NGOs, and businesses to resolve complex situations with vital, national and international stakes. As an active Negotiator, he carries out over 50 negotiations each year, whether they are critical, diplomatic, social or business related.

ADN Group is a certified training organization registered under the number 11755092475. The masterclasses and training courses can be the object of fund providers.

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All the training courses from the Negotiator’s Agency meet the requirements of the Quality decree of June 30th, 2015 and are referenced by all the fund providers for professional training.


Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form for any request concerning access for people with reduced mobility.

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