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Leadership and management

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The Leadership and management Masterclass’ objective is to consolidate and strongly develop the participants’ leadership and management skills, over two days. The ADN Experts reveal the keys needed to succeed, unite, inspire and motivate heterogeneous teams. The participants will also learn how to effectively manage dilemmas, make decisions in uncertainty, transmit difficult messages, congratulate and put someone back in line.


  • Develop your managerial position
  • Provoke group adhesion
  • Help team growth
  • Stay on course when faced with adversity
  • Improve global performance


Silvia Bravard-Meunier is a professional negotiator. She carried out many high-pressured negotiations during her professional career in one of the largest French factories. Specialised in high-pressured negotiation and contentious interpersonal negotiation, she works with businesses on their commercial and social negotiations.
After graduating from the National School of Higher Police Officer Studies (École Nationale Supérieure des Officiers de Police), Stéphane carried out different positions in the GIPN (National Intervention Groups) before becoming assistant director of the RAID’s intervention group, then captain of the antiterrorist department. At ADN Group, Stéphane has become the reference for mental preparation, stress management and leadership.

ADN Group is a certified training organization registered under the number 11755092475. The masterclasses and training courses can be the object of fund providers.

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All the training courses from the Negotiator’s Agency meet the requirements of the Quality decree of June 30th, 2015 and are referenced by all the fund providers for professional training.


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