Training course

Complex negotiation – Professional

The Professional Masterclass is the last step of the training process. It can be applied for only if the participant has completed the Expert course. The participants have to carry out some of the most difficult negotiations which will allow them to cover the following notions: the capacity to thwart threats, ultimatums and insults, breach strategies, negotiation under pressure, decision-making when faced with the impossible, the necessity of continuing after a failure, self-confidence in deteriorating situations and advanced techniques to induce change in the opposing party.

Eligible CPF

This training course is eligible for the CPF, which means participants can receive funding by the government.


ADN Group is a certified training organization registered under the number 11755092475. The masterclasses and training courses can be the object of fund providers.

Certification DataDock

All the training courses from the Negotiator’s Agency meet the requirements of the Quality decree of June 30th, 2015 and are referenced by all the fund providers for professional training.