DPC: Training courses for the medical profession

Apr. 2020

The training course, “ Prevent professional exhaustion and improve patient management” is eligible for financing by the l’Agence Nationale du Développement Professionnel Continu (National Agency for Continued Professional Development).  It is created and carried out by the Experts from the Negotiator’s Agency and lasts 2 days. 

In the 21st century, the medical profession – regardless of whether it concerns hospital workers or private professionals- is changing paradigms. Predominance of obligatory results, patients on a list, pressure from the media, administrative demands, resigned patients, litigious environments and diminished means… Today, health professionals are confronted with unprecedented challenges due to a climate of distrust fed by a crisis of confidence and expectations that, until now, were inexistent 

They need to find the resources and appropriate support to commit to the patient physician relation and improve the care given to people who are suffering while preserving themselves physically, psychologically and morally so they can deal with the work load in extreme situations over a long period.