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Even though negotiation is often considered a soft skill, it is actually a hard skill, or a skill that needs technical knowledge, expertise and experience. In negotiation, as in any profession, each person has areas where they excel and others where they need to progress. These areas need to be identified if you want to improve. In negotiation, all these characteristics are structured around empathy, assertiveness, intuition and also the capacity to anticipate and cooperation… these skills will help us prepare, conduct, close and debrief any kind of negotiation, individually or collectively. 

Key negotiation skills 

ADN Insider is a tool, a personalized online negotiation test. The test is free and only lasts a few minutes. It allows each user to evaluate their negotiation profile according to areas of skill based on the  PACIFICAT© reference in negotiation: leadership, assertiveness, intuition, the capacity to improvise or plan, notions relating to conflict, resiliency, empathetic personalities, introverts or cooperative people…

Being prepared and preparing your team 

The questions, focusing on ten main points, will help establish what kind of negotiator you are. Each negotiator can prepare themselves in the best possible manner and efficiently build their team, according to the negotiation, by becoming conscious of their strengths and weaknesses. Each negotiator has a unique profile, made up of qualities, distinctive characteristics and technical skill. Knowing and understanding your negotiator profile, as well as those of your team members will allow you to be more efficient, agile and, therefore, carry out complex negotiations and transform complexity into opportunity.  

The test

At the end of the test, your personal and confidential results will be made available graphically. Personalized commentaries for each of your scores will help you understand your results and absorb the teachings.  

Developed by Marwan Mery, the founder and CEO of ADN Group. The test includes 50 questions based on the operational experience of hundreds of negotiations. The negotiator profile tests can be supplemented by the NSTAA© test on your negotiation level. 

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