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The power of the unconventional

Marwan MERY and Laurent COMBALBERT are professional negotiators. They assist, supervise and conduct over a 100 negotiations each year. These include critical (kidnappings, extortions), diplomatic, commercial, social, financial or health-related (patient-physician relations). Their unique experience has given them a global vision of negotiation and their “unconventional” approach is used for the benefit of companies, government and non-government organisations.

Using an unconventional method takes the participant out of their comfort zone and avoids any kind of reflex behavioural reaction. By placing them in a different context from the one they are used to, their thought process is stimulated, encouraging them to adopt new behavioural patterns.

The conferences are voluntarily participative and highly interactive. Participants will be taken through simulated situations based on the real experience of the negotiators and will be solicited to react to them. Our conferences are a unique, vibrant and inspiring experience. Each participant will come out of the course with a personal approach to the information received.

In Complex Negotiation there are no good answers. There are only good questions.
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  • The length of the conference is anywhere between 30mins and 1h30 according to need.
  • Exchanges with the participants can be included in the conference.
  • Available in French and English.

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