The words that make all the difference

Silvia Bravard-Meunier


Win-win negotiations only represent 10% of negotiations on the globe. There are many reasons for this, but the main reasons are the growing unbalance in power ratio, aggressive global competition and an acceleration of financial crisis. In this deteriorating context, becoming an expert in negotiation is non-negotiable. This can happen, mainly through psychological mastery of words.
Silvia Bravard, with her solid experience in contentious negotiations, especially in large retailing, shares the words that can make all the difference to help gain the upper hand


Silvia Bravard-Meunier is a professional negotiator. She carried out many high-pressured negotiations during her professional career in one of the largest French factories. Specialised in high-pressured negotiation and contentious interpersonal negotiation, she works with businesses on their commercial and social negotiations. Information and registration