Surpassing yourself

Marwan Mery


Up until today, Marwan Mery has saved dozens of lives and dealt with hundreds of conflicts all over the globe. The experience and level of expertise he has, required by his profession, always push him to give the best of himself, and to succeed where others may have failed. These trials not only have helped him grow as a person, but they have given him the opportunity to embrace life at its fullest, both professionally and personally. From all this experience he has developed a true lesson in living that can be transposed into any field. In the conference Marwan Mery uncovers the precious secrets to living a unique journey in life.


Marwan Mery is a professional negotiator. Founder and director of ADN Group, he intervenes around the world for government organisations, NGOs, and businesses to resolve complex situations with vital, national and international stakes. As an active Negotiator, he carries out over 50 negotiations each year, whether they are critical, diplomatic, social or business related. Information and registration