Stress and emotional control

Stéphane Charlot


The good health of an organization depends on the physical and psychological health of its teams. In a context where complexity keeps evolving, decision making cycles become shorter, pressure rises rapidly, our organisms and psychological balance are badly affected. Personal energy and preparation become the key notions to success. You cannot manage your stress and release negative emotions without solid discipline, based on scientific fundamentals and the unique experience from ADN experts, who are often confronted with extreme situations.


After graduating from the National School of Higher Police Officer Studies (École Nationale Supérieure des Officiers de Police), Stéphane carried out different positions in the GIPN (National Intervention Groups) before becoming assistant director of the RAID’s intervention group, then captain of the antiterrorist department. At ADN Group, Stéphane has become the reference for mental preparation, stress management and leadership. Information and registration