Patient-physician relations

Marwan Mery


The problem of non-compliance in patients represents a major stake in our health system: recent studies have shown that, depending on the pathology, almost 60% of patients with chronic diseases between the age of 28 and 45 do not comply with their treatment. The WHO has recently announced in a document that “resolving the problem of therapeutic non-compliance would be more efficient than the possibility of any new biomedical progress.”
Using listening and negotiation techniques, the ADN experts share the keys to success to improve therapeutic compliance and strengthen confidence between both doctor and patient.


Marwan Mery is a professional negotiator. Founder and director of ADN Group, he intervenes around the world for government organisations, NGOs, and businesses to resolve complex situations with vital, national and international stakes. As an active Negotiator, he carries out over 50 negotiations each year, whether they are critical, diplomatic, social or business related. Information and registration