Inspiring leadership

Stéphane Charlot


In a changing and uncertain world, organizations need to be agile. More than ever, the teams that make up a company need a capable leader to be efficient – someone who is able to give them vision and meaning, where human management remains an absolute priority. Without a captain to keep them on course the success of a mission cannot be guaranteed. Unite, influence and inspire are the key words to get the best out of teams and aim for an exceptional result.


After graduating from the National School of Higher Police Officer Studies (École Nationale Supérieure des Officiers de Police), Stéphane carried out different positions in the GIPN (National Intervention Groups) before becoming assistant director of the RAID’s intervention group, then captain of the antiterrorist department. At ADN Group, Stéphane has become the reference for mental preparation, stress management and leadership. Information and registration