Exceptional negotiation

Marwan Mery


Organizations evolve in environments that are becoming ever more complex and are confronted with new kinds of stakes: globalization of markets, reduced cycles, the acceleration of the flow of information, and growing pressure on productivity and efficiency… Negotiation is a key to dealing with the changing world in a team or an entire company. Negotiation has become an unavoidable skill to help deal with the challenges of the next ten years by uniting relations with others, the notions of empathy, questioning and response techniques, or even conflict management and the capacity to make the stake of a situation clear


Marwan Mery is the founder of ADN Group. As a professional negotiator, he conducts, directs and assists over 50 high stake negotiations each year. He uses story-telling, tried and tested strategies and techniques, the keys to reading and the secrets that allow participants to make a difference in their professions. Information and registration