Commitment Institute: Laureate Event 2019

For the 32nd university of the Institut de l’Engagement, the founders from the Negotiator’s Agency spoke after the laureate ceremony to exchange about the role negotiation has in our time and about the current stakes we are facing.  

L’Institut de l’Engagement was rapidly created by the Civic Services to allow young people to show their potential during a period where they were engaged (voluntary work, charity work) to have a future at the level of their potential, regardless of their social or geographic origin, their cultural or scholastic baggage. 

Each year they advise over 3,000 young people to help them structure their future projects. 

700 amongst them are selected to be accompanied (the laureates from the Institute) to continue their studies, find work and create their business or activity. 

They organise Engaged Universities with meetings, workshops, visits and conferences to “muscle” their laureates in their projects and familiarise them with the stakes of the contemporary world. 

Since its creation in 2012, the Institute has assisted 3,600 laureates, with a ratio of success evaluated at 90%, year after year. 

With 350 partners and 2,000 volunteers at their side, the Institute is training a new generation of responsible citizens that carry values of engagement.

The partnership between the Institut de l’Engagement and the Negotiator’s Agency aims to contribute to the development of communal projects dedicated to innovating societal actions of national scale.