In 2019 at the heart of Pôle Sécurité Défense Renseignement (Security, Defence, Intelligence Services) of the CNAM under the responsibility of Professor Alain Bauer, the Certificate in “Negotiation & Crisis Management” will be issued. 

In the heart of Pôle Sécurité Défense Renseignement (Security, Defense, Intelligence services) under the responsibility of professor Alain Bauer, the certificate in the specialisation Complex Negotiation and Crisis Management gives the participants the keys to understanding that are theoretical, psychological, legal and operational. 

This training course in crisis negotiation was created by the founders of the Negotiator’s Agency.  The course is based on the PACIFICAT© reference in complex negotiation, used all over the world by diplomates, crisis negotiators or frontline negotiators. 

Faced with growing complexity, more and more professionals need to manage tense and potentially dangerous situations. Nowadays, educators, hospital personnel, doctors, firemen and even local police officers, transport inspectors, prison warders, power system operators need to know how to detect and stabilise a contentious or tense situation by using methods and techniques from professional negotiators.