The biggest hostage crisis broken down by the Negotiators

For the documentary series “The Negotiators”, produced by the CAPA agency and broadcast on 13EME RUE, the founders of the Negotiator’s Agency will break down and analyse the biggest contemporary hostage crisis using images from the archives and 3D reconstitutions. 

Using recordings or transcriptions of the exchanges between extremists and the forces of law and order, this documentary collection of 5 episodes recreates the greatest hostage crisis thanks to images from the archives, an unseen 3D images. 

Told by people who lived through them (survivors, direct witnesses, members of the police, journalists…) these stories will be dissected, analysed and explained by the two French professional negotiators, Laurent Combalbert and Marwan Mery who will take us inside the unforgettable events by explaining the negotiation and assault techniques.