complex critical situations

Managing complex

And unstable situations

Laurent Combalbert and Marwan Mery assist businesses of any size and government organisations in France and around the world to prepare for, conduct, conclude and debrief any kind of complex negotiation, audition or interview. Assistance can be given punctually or over long term. The assistance teams are available in French and in English. Contact us for more information.

Managing critical

And Dangerous situations

In critical situations, ADN Group will set up a CNT, Crisis Negotiation Team, directed by Laurent Combalbert or Marwan Mery. The CNT also creates intervention groups around the world, in the public and private sector, that are able to deal with complex situations.

Crisis Team Chart

The negotiation for over a million dollars would never have been brought to completion without you. I thank you again in the name of the ComPany that i represent.

CEO leader in international logistics

A pertinent analysis of the situation and of complex personalities that allowed us to make a distinction and a decision! Hats off to you Boys!

DG for Distribution network

Our Teams Learnt more in 2 days than in 15 years of training. they keep asking for more!

Sales Manager for Luxury Jewellery Company

We Never thought you would be able to end the strike so Rapidly. You went Beyond our initial target. It has been an honor Preparing these negotiations with you.

Hr Manager For a World LEADER For Waste exploitation

I have been negotiating for 25 years. It is my job. I measured the Necessary steps you took to make a difference. I thank you profoundly for your Help on this issue, which has been deeply Valuable and essential.

Consultancy firm Partner

Thank you, thank you and thank you again. my clients reputation has been saved and everything was dealt with expertly.

Family Office

In the name of the team, we thank you for your sound advice that allowed us to conclude A very touchy negotiation.

Manager of a large Media group

It is the first time in my life that i am writing an email to congratulate someone on this kind of work. Your contribution was more than beneficial and we signed way above our Initial target. The next time you come to Switzerland I would personally like to take you to dinner.

CEO Private bank