Some negotiations are more important than others

The future of a business, the fate of an institution or the life of a hostage are all negotiations whose outcome cannot be left to improvisation.

Our operational support is not solely limited to negotiation. The input and assistance our experts offer on a daily basis include crisis management, mental and psychological preparation, reinforcing leadership in difficult situations or restoring lost confidence after a particularly trying incident.

All assistance is customized and adapted according to the client’s needs.


Complex negotiation

The experts from ADN Group conduct, assist and guide over 100 negotiations each year, including critical, social, commercial, financial and diplomatic relations. In a world where performance is non-negotiable, they use their expertise to help businesses and government organizations make a difference.

Our operational support, relating to assistance can take three different forms.

Assisting from the shadows

ADN can support negotiations from the preparation phase to the final debriefing phase, all throughout the negotiation. Emphasis is put on analyzing the context, understanding the opposing party’s motivations, mapping out the actors, evaluating the ratio of power, defining the correct strategy to employ, the tactics that need to be put into motion, helping the team’s skills develop and apply the techniques that need to be used. The ADN expert in charge of the negotiation will be available 24/7 during the entire negotiation, to debrief each step, redirect the negotiation according to new context elements and advise the teams involved.

Conducting the negotiation

In this case ADN will conduct the negotiation on behalf of the organization that employs them. This includes preparation, conducting, closing and the final debrief. ADN usually replaces the team when dialogue between the two parties has come to a stand-still, when the client esteems they don’t have the necessary resources, or the negotiation’s stake is so high they prefer to have a professional handle the situation. A negotiation mandate is then given to ADN, who will use their expertise, experience and all the means necessary to obtain the fixed objective. Our success rate is 98%.


The client only wishes to be assisted during the preparation phase of the negotiation. ADN will only collaborate for one or two days, according to the complexity of the negotiation. This type of service is given when the client esteems they have the necessary resources to carry out the negotiation, but need to professionally structure the negotiation to put themselves in the best possible conditions to succeed. ADN meets with the teams involved and screens all the parameters, defines the strategy, the tactics and the techniques needed, while helping the future negotiators develop their skills.


Mental preparation

Mental preparation is vital in a complex negotiation, crisis management or in some specific events. It is often necessary and complementary with operational measures in place to help the committed teams deal with adversity, without succumbing to it.

Mental preparation comes in different forms, according to need. For information purposes, the following 9 themes are often used for very specific assistance.

Stress management

Protecting yourself from overwhelming stress, improving the foundations of your performance.


Adapting yourself to the environment, adopting efficient posture.

Emotional control

Releasing deteriorating emotions, keeping your cool.

Mental preparation

Uniting the conditions for success, using your resources.


Optimizing your sleep, what you eat and your rest phases.

Energy management

Be committed while conserving your energy, manage your effort over a long period.


Defend your options and values, assert yourself in deteriorating situations.

Public speaking

Dealing with an unwilling crowd, remaining calm when faced with adversity.


Stay on course, improve the perception of your means.


Crisis management

Sometimes organizations can be thrown off balance by unique events: pandemics, product recall, contamination, extortion, sabotage, occupational accidents, suicide, fraud, media scandals, natural disasters, internment or even a brutal loss of activity. When faced with this kind of serious phenomenon, the participating parties often don’t know how to behave, and are subjected to the crisis in the same way as the organization they represent.

Assistance in crisis management can take three different forms.

Operational support

ADN becomes an integral part of the crisis room put in place by the organization. The experts from ADN offer their support to the committed teams, by helping them make decisions in moment of uncertainty, helping them find the right strategy to adopt, giving operational advice, crisis communication or any support related to the crisis in any way.

Psychological support

ADN joins the crisis room. The role of ADN’s experts is to release the participating parties deteriorating emotions, lower levels of stress, strengthen confidence, keep the collaborators cool and deal with adversity as calmly as possible. Psychological support often complements operational support.


ADN is contacted before the crisis takes place. ADN’s expertise is used to structure the organization of a crisis room, the decisional process, managing the dilemma, crisis communication, stress management and raising the skills of the teams involved. The preparation lasts between one and three days.

Client reviews

They are talking about us


I was impressed with their technique and knowledge. Marwan Mery was a great support and he has an amazing capacity to anticipate what comes next.

Jean-Marc Janaillac CEO – AIR FRANCE/KLM

ADN was incredibly precious to us during a very complex negotiation with one of our major clients in France.

Fabien Tintet Sales Director – MARS FOOD FRANCE

I will never find the words to thank you enough for bringing my husband home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

E. Wife of an ex-hostage

I contacted Marwan during some very important social crisis where we were helpless and exhausted. Thanks to his expertise in deciphering complex situations, his knowledge of humankind and the art of negotiation we found efficient and long-lasting solutions.

Flora Nayagam HR Director Ile de France - VEOLIA

Every time I have contacted ADN we have been better prepared, been more precise and achieved a safer result while keeping the team’s stress levels low.

Patrick Ropert CEO - SNCF Gares et Connexion

Marwan Mery is among the top negotiators in the world.